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Dobuko Busujima, alt. Dobusu Busujima (毒島溝子 Busujima Dobuko/Dobusu), commonly known as just Dobusu (ドブス, lit. "Very Ugly Girl"/"Very Ugly"), is an occasionally-used minor character in Osomatsu-san. She is best known for her initial role as the Ugly Flower Fairy in the skit "The Life of Chibita's Flower".


Whenever a profoundly ugly girl is needed in a role, Dobusu will be utilized. However, there are cases where it's not always exactly her as well, where her face may even appear on multiple ugly women (such as a group of hideous oni in Hell). In her debut and many game appearances, she is commonly an ill-tempered, terrible woman who is as foul as her hippo-esque looks.

However, her personality and usage is also seen to vary for the needs of a skit, and after her usage as the Fairy, she is treated a bit differently as a star in the show. Still, she can be treated with some confusion and disgust by other characters such as Totoko, wondering who she even is and what purpose she may serve.

Personality & Characteristics


Dobusu is a squat, heavy woman with large breasts and a wide face with a hippo-like mouth and snout. She has huge, wrinkled pink lips and narrowed green eyes. She often is depicted with wavy, shoulder-length brown hair decorated with two blue hairbows.

In her debut appearance, she wears a purple patterned dress with long, black sleeves. Meanwhile, her season 3 appearances have her wearing a white blouse and a red, patterned skirt. Though her skin is slightly darker in her usage as the Ugly Fairy and in the more recent roles, the guest spots of Dobusu in "Chibita's Revenge" and her cameo of "Osomatsu-san in Hell" showed her to have a paler complexion and slightly lighter brown hair than usual.

In her re-use in Osomatsu-san: The Movie, as one of Totoko's classmates, Dobusu has a pinker complexion and slightly longer hair in an orange-brown shade. She continues to resemble a hippo and wear her usual hair decorations, though she has blush swirls on her cheeks and can be seen dressed in the Akatsuka High girls' uniform. Unlike the others in the last year of high school, it is said in character notes that Dobusu is not actually 18 as she was held back from graduating at least eight times at the school. As a result, this would make her significantly older than the sextuplets and Totoko.

Usually in other roles for season 3, she retains her season 1 coloration except for having orange hair in "To the South" and having even darker skin and lips than usual in "Wannabe Detectives".


As the Ugly Fairy, Dobusu was shown to be possessive and highly-controlling of Karamatsu, demanding anything she wanted from him with the threat that she'd die if he didn't. This eventually lead to her forcing him into marriage, claiming she'd die if he refused as well.

In her other appearances through the show and games, while she may have a different role she may still be treated as a contemptible and foul presence; though Iyami is shown as her lover in "Chibita's Revenge" he seems to want to hide her presence from anyone else around. However, in season 3, she is shown to have a nicer or more neutral usage when revealed to be Nyaa's baby-sitter, as well as wishing Iyami luck at the ZANSU tournament.

In fact, compared to Nyaa and Totoko, the later role of Dobusu is said to be a more "common sense" type of woman and motherly, mature figure to contrast the two other women. The second opening to season 3 depicts the three casually talking and being amused at a coffee shop, which the voice actresses acknowledge can't be seen in the actual series but that illustrates how these different sort of women can just easily do things without worry.


As the Ugly Fairy, Dobusu is first linked with Karamatsu after he watered her flower with a bottle of Hennessy out of his own selfish impulse to get himself a flower fairy. Such bad luck and karma resulted in this woman, though he could not back down from her in any case. Dobusu (or her image) was then used as a trap and call-back by Iyami later on, as a way to ambush Karamatsu in the racing episode.

In "Chibita's Revenge", she is shown staying at Iyami's house and the two appear to be in some sort of intimate relationship, be it simply her as a prostitute or a longer-term lover he's had over. He tries to hide her from the Matsunos, though she and Iyami are both pleased to be paid off by Chibita in their help in him getting revenge on the three remaining brothers.

Her use as Iyami's girlfriend continues into season 3, with the two both being angry at Hatabo in the "Hatabo EATS" skit, as well as it being shown that she's acquainted with Nyaa and takes care of her baby.


After Karamatsu poured alcohol on a weed and told it of his address, he was greeted by this terrible woman who took up free-loading in the Matsuno home and ordering him around, threatening him. Despite his brothers' attempts to get him to stand up against her, he could not, and was dragged to the altar. After an off-screen kiss, Dobusu transformed into a giant weed monster that wrecked Akatsuka Ward and the story ended. Unlike the original Ugly Fairy, there was no attempt or success by Karamatsu at eliminating such a menace (as there had been with Iyami in the source story).

Appearances of this character afterwards are of in much different context, though she still may be used with Karamatsu in some game material homaging her original usage. In the show itself, it is more common now to see her with Iyami, a bit part, or as one of the three "Osomatsu-san Heroines" if she is briefly shown around Totoko or Nyaa-chan.

Episode Appearances

  • The Life of Chibita's Flower (Debut as Ugly Fairy)
  • Iyami's Counterattack (Fairy Bomb)
  • Chibita's Revenge (First usage as Iyami's lover)
  • Osomatsu-san in Hell (Seen among the banished characters in Hell, face also re-used on oni women harassing Karamatsu)
  • Osomatsu-san: The Movie (As her high school self in the world of memories, and as a kaiju when it collapses)
  • Hatabo EATS (Return in the setting of Iyami's lover)
  • Unit Formed (Debut as Nyaa's babysitter)
  • Tidbits Collection 3 (Continuation of "Unit Formed" story)
  • To the South (As a pirate)
  • ZANSU (Voice only, congratulates Iyami for his tournament)
  • Werewolf (Seen as part of the audience at the concert)
  • Cosplaymatsu skit: "No Chance Trial" (Seen in the court audience with Totoko and Nyaa)
  • Nanmaider Attacks (Seen among people transformed to have Iyami's features and sheeh-ing)
  • Imoni (As part of the crowd enjoying the imoni and then transformed into potato-people)
  • Just Don't (as Nyaa's babysitter, housekeeper and friend)
  • Wannabe Detectives (as a detective office worker, only pops up in the gag credits with her full name given)
  • New Osomatsu Returns (as one of various minor characters who are sacrificed to fight the "Ultimate Gate" and close it)
  • A-1 Grand Prix (seen watching the show with Totoko, Nyaa, and Nyaa's child)
  • Bored (spotted at the hanami festival with Nyaa, baby, and Totoko)


  • Even when she had debuted as the fairy, no "Fairy" moniker was used for her in the credits but simply the term and name of "Dobusu", which has carried over to her appearances in other media (including the movie). In Tabimatsu, she is both referred to by Dobusu and as "Evil Flower Fairy". Finally, in the detectives skit, she was given a full name to be on the level of characters such as the Matsunos and Totoko. It is to be noted that while the more readily assumed notation of her first name can be "Dobuko" (and it is how it's rendered in Crunchyroll's subs), the "ko" kanji can also be read as "su" at times, alternatively making her first name literally "Dobusu". Official materials have yet to give a furigana notation for her name, currently making it up for debate among fans on whether "Dobuko" or "Dobusu" is the intended reading.
  • Her appearance as Iyami's lover may be in nod to how the original Ugly Fairy in the manga and 1988 show was generated by him in an attempt at gaining himself a companion.
  • Her deadly weed appearance at the end of the Flower Fairy skit is a reference to the kaiju Biollante from the film Godzilla vs. Biollante.


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