ESP Kitty (Character)

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This article is for the character, for the episode of the same name see ESP Kitty (Episode).

ESP Kitty (エスパーニャンコ Esupā Nyanko) is a cat, found all of once in the possession of Ichimatsu Matsuno in the "ESP Kitty" skit of Osomatsu-san, and a recurring character in both merchandise and promotional art for the series.


ESP's name comes from his unique ability to understand other's true feelings through telepathy, which he gained from Dekapan.

Although he is rarely seen in the series, he is depicted amongst various Osomatsu-san artworks, and is commonly portrayed alongside Ichimatsu.

Personality & Characteristics


Esper is a short, round cat, with pointed ears, green eyes, orange fur and a white underbelly. Unlike other cats, he is shown to have dark eyebrows and a bright red nose, along with two protruding teeth. He is also distinctly shown to sport a pair of round, blue glasses.

In Osomatsu-kun, he is often seen standing up and acting similarly to a human. He is also shown to have a cross on his belly.

In Osomatsu-san, similarly to Ichimatsu, he has constantly droopy eyes. He is also seen wearing his glasses all the time, whereas in Osomatsu-kun he was only given them after he gained his psychic abilities.


ESP has quite a tame, kind and easy-going personality. He is shown to be calm when Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu carry him, and appears content when Osomatsu pets him. When he understands the true feelings of others he shows no hostality to Todomatsu - who wishes to make money off of his psychic abilities, however he does get upset when Ichimatsu, who he is close to, yells at him for exposing his true feelings.

He is rather close to Ichimatsu and seems to care about him as shown when Ichimatsu was terrified of being injected by a needle, Esper jumped in the way and took the injection instead. After his runaway, he apologises to Ichimatsu by sharing his own true feelings.

Episode Appearances


  • Get that Esper Kitty! (debut)

1966 Anime

2015 Anime


  • Though he is frequently used in games and in official art for -san to stand in as some mascot character, ESP Kitty's relevance even as a background character was limited in the show (as mentioned in the appearances). This is to the point where he made no actual appearances in season 2 and on at all, with the exception of his likeness appearing on a Valentines' chocolate cake in the Valentines' Day plot and a small cameo in "Osomatsu-san Returns".
  • Since he's usually seen with Ichimatsu in Osomatsu-san fans mistake him as being the Matsuno family's cat, however Ichimatsu states in ESP Kitty's episode debut that he doesn't own the cat.
  • He is mentioned as Dekapan's cat on the koredeiinoda (Osomatsu-kun) website.
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