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Iwase (岩瀬, given name unrevealed) is a character exclusive to the movie of Osomatsu-san, as one of the many Akatsuka High School alumni at the reunion and in the scenes involving the sextuplets' past.


Iwase is yet another former Akatsuka High student that exists to further showcase the sextuplets' adult humiliation, having done something with her life at the reunion while none of them have.

Personality & Characteristics


As a teenager, Iwase had long black hair that she wore in a high ponytail, and dressed in the standard Akatsuka High girls uniform.

In the present day, she has short, wavy hair that she has bleached out to a light brown shade. She wears a loose, purple and pink striped turtleneck sweater and a gray skirt.


Iwase is one of two classmates initially curious and excited to know about what the sextuplets have done with their lives. Her continued curiosity and questioning gets them visibly flustered, but they persist in trying to lie some more about their salarymen jobs. After they attempt to claim that they're advertisement men for the Akatsuka Hotel and claim it has ghosts, she becomes repulsed and remarks that she wouldn't want to stay at such a hotel.

She is among the multitude of others disturbed by the reveal that the sextuplets are NEETs, though she doesn't explode in anger as Uchikawa-kun had and instead is seen grinning throughout, either out of wanting to stay polite or taking some amusement in the matter.

In the past, she is shown to be quick and strong-willed, not letting Osomatsu get away with flipping her skirt.


Iwase is mainly seen alongside Uchikawa at the bar, as the first two alumni that the sextuplets encounter.

In the past, she is also seen to have been a target of Osomatsu's unwelcome affections and skirt-flipping, to where he was violently hit by her with her school bag for doing so. She is also shown by Uchikawa at the graduation ceremony, indicating a possible past closeness as well.



  • Her surname comes from that of Hitoki Iwase, of the Chunichi Dragons, owing to the baseball-patterned name theming present in most of the named classmates.