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This article is for the character, for the episode of the same name see Godmatsu.

Kamimatsu Matsuno, or Godmatsu in English translations, is a guest character in the anime Osomatsu-san. He is the temporary "seventh brother" of The Sextuplets, created from their cast-off goodness.


Kamimatsu is a supernatural figure debuting in his skit of the same name. He is the ideal son and responsible young man that can be successful, in sharp contrast to the Sextuplets' crude, lazy and obnoxious personalities.

Personality & Characteristics


Kamimatsu has the basic appearance of a Sextuplet, but differs in that he has elongated earlobes like a Buddha and differently-shaped eyes with irises colored a pure gold. It can also be seen that he is slightly chubbier than the other six, owing back to a "Buddha" image, and this is clarified a bit more in his season finale cameo when his proportions in his funeral suit are a bit thicker.

When he grows to be more of a "perfect human", he can be seen to have grown in height, become slimmer and more like a bishonen type from another anime. His haircut also changes some, to have a fade occur near his ears. Both these appearances of Kamimatsu are later seen as their own entities and "actors" in a season 2 cameo.


Kamimatsu is kind, humble, forgiving, and seems to have endless patience and a sense of calm. He is even able to provide his "brothers" with gifts and advancements in society that they'd long for; however, these are not appreciated by the Sextuplets as they are only reminders of how Kamimatsu outclasses them and exposes their inferiority. This leads to them seeing Kamimatsu as their enemy and wanting to kill him, eventually succeeding when they summon Akumatsu.




  • Kamimatsu's name follows in the pattern of the Sextuplets' names beginning with two syllables, followed by the "matsu". However, in English, as "kami" means "God" (though it can also include other holy or demonic forces of nature), it was decided to more directly convey his holy/God image by translating his name literally.
  • Kamimatsu may be -san's equivalent of the infamous Illusion of a 7th Person drawing error, which occurred in each iteration of Osomatsu-kun. In his case, he is an intentional meta example noticed by Jyushimatsu and that becomes something more.
  • Some may count Kamimatsu's death as being the "first murder" the Sextuplets committed of another being outside themselves in the show, although his otherworldly origin and the fact that it was Akumatsu (another archetypal force) that did so can leave that up to debate. Still, even staff and editorial-run articles and guides like the Oso-Das tend to count it as yet another of their darkly comedic bad acts.