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Osomatsu-kun (おそ松くん, also known by suggested international titles of "Little Osomatsu" and "The Young Sextuplets") is a comedy manga and franchise, originally created by Fujio Akatsuka and Fujio Pro. This title may refer to specific versions of the media, such as:

  • Osomatsu-kun (Manga): The original manga by Akatsuka, which began in 1962 and ultimately ceased publications in 1990.
  • Osomatsu-kun (Sonosheet): A series of audio drama records ("flexi-disk") by Asahi Sonorama produced through 1965 to 1966, adapting select manga stories.
  • Osomatsu-kun (1966): The 1966-1967 anime adaptation by Childrens Corner and Studio Zero, produced as a monochrome series. Also referred to as "Showa version Osomatsu-kun".
  • Osomatsu-kun (1988): A second full-color anime adaptation produced by Studio Pierrot, that ran through 1988-1989. Though it began in the last year of Showa, it is often referred to as "Heisei version Osomatsu-kun" due to running through and finishing in 1989.

Although the series of Osomatsu-san is inspired from it and could be seen as a sequel in a sense, the two are not necessarily interchangeable and should not be confused for one another, as Osomatsu-san was produced as a derivative work and tribute. Both share many of the characters, although with different depictions.

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