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Osomatsu and Todomatsu is the final segment of the thirty-second episode of Osomastu-san.



Atsushi has set up a mixer for Todomatsu with two girls. Totty decides to bring Osomatsu with him (because he has won at horse-racing and thus has money for the dinner), but warning him not to act pervy, and even phones Jyushimatsu to stand-in as to threat the eldest brother. Not wanting to lose the chance of "graduating from virginity", Osomatsu relents.

At the mixer, the two girls, Miwa and Kumi, start chatting with Todomatsu, and with their revealing clothes, Osomatsu eventually loses his calmness, starting with mentioning the girls' "boobs". Seeing the girls' annoyed reaction, Totty is outraged and tries to contain the situation, even acting eccentrical to cover up for Osomatsu.

Finally Totty brings his eldest brother to the bathroom and accuses him of his rudeness, but Osomatsu refuses, claiming that it's too hard to control himself and he no longer cares about failure, causing Totty to relent. As the girls get ready to leave out of disgust, Osomatsu and Todomatsu return. Osomatsu starts being frank and the girls at first accuse him for being pervy, and the three begin arguing. After some beers, though, the girls eventually hook up with Osomatsu. Silently discouraged by the scene, Todomatsu heads home, calling himself "good" and "lovely" on the way.

The next day, Osomatsu meets the two girls at the Akatsuka train station and offers company, but the girls claim that they were just pretending to have fun during the mixer, and declares wanting nothing from Osomatsu. The episode ends with a confused Osomatsu promptly collapsing on the street.