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Oyama (大山, given name unrevealed) is a character exclusive to the movie of Osomatsu-san, as one of the many Akatsuka High School alumni seen in the opening part and the sextuplets' past.


Oyama is one of the fellow classmates who's managed to get himself a great job in all his years since high school, working at the Akatsuka Hotel. It is his presence that causes the sextuplets' lies to unravel.

Unlike the other classmates, however, Oyama has much less of a role in the events of the film and does not stand out well beyond his debut.

Personality & Characteristics


Oyama is a tall, plain young man with narrow eyes and light brown hair. He wears a green jacket over a white dress shirt, khaki pants, and black shoes.

In the past, Oyama looks about the same but wears his Akatsuka High uniform.


Oyama is a simple, easy-going guy who is shown to quickly chat up Iwase, Uchikawa, and the sextuplets, only to be confused by the claim that the sextuplets also work at the same hotel he does and then annoyed at the build-up of their ridiculous claims.


Oyama was one of many former Akatsuka High students present at their reunion, and tried to converse and get back in touch with other classmates. However, he soon was one of many to bear witness to the downfall and humiliation of the Matsuno brothers when Osomatsu proudly revealed that he and the rest were all NEETs.

Oyama was later seen alongside Uchikawa, when wanting to know if the six planned to go to the after-party, but the brothers refused and went their separate way.


  • As with other classmates, Oyama's name was inspired by a baseball player with his deriving from Yusuke Oyama of the Hanshin Tigers team.