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Pachislot Osomatsu-kun (パチスロおそ松くん), also known as Slot Osomatsu-kun (スロット おそ松くん), is the name of two different pachislot games by Daiichi. The first was released in November 2005, while a remake and updated version was released in April 2017.


These A-400 model machines are known for carrying two types of bonus round opportunities; "Big Bonus" and "Regular Bonus".

Both games are modeled after the 1988 anime adaptation by Pierrot, with the original utilizing cel-shaded sprites and 2D cut-scenes in the style of a video game. The remake, however, alternates between CGI cut-scenes with three-dimensional models of the characters, and still visuals with 2D designs patterned after the anime.

The theme songs of the 1988 anime are used for the older game, while the 2017 machine has an entirely new soundtrack used. The newer game also notably features the elements of -kun mashed up with cut-scenes and visuals Osomatsu-san, as a way of continuing to promote that spinoff. This had to do with it being funded by the Osomatsu-san Production Committee.

Both versions utilize the 1988 voice cast, with the exceptions where the actors passed away or were otherwise unavailable and replaced. The remake is notable for featuring Kaneta Kimotsuki's final performance as Iyami.


Voice Cast (2005 version)

  • Osomatsu- Chihiro Kusaka
  • Iyami- Kaneta Kimotsuki
  • Chibita- Mayumi Tanaka
  • Hatabō, Karamatsu- Mari Mashiba

The other sextuplets either do not speak or have uncredited/unknown performers.

Voice Cast (2017 version)

  • Osomatsu- Unknown/Uncredited
  • Iyami- Kaneta Kimotsuki
  • Chibita- Mayumi Tanaka
  • Dekapan- Takashi Nagasako
  • Dayōn- Masaya Takatsuka
  • Choromatsu, Todomatsu- Megumi Hayashibara*
  • Totoko, Jyushimatsu- Naoko Matsui
  • Hatabō, Karamatsu- Mari Mashiba
  • Ichimatsu- Unknown/Uncredited



  • Though it has been rumored that Aya Endo provided the voice of Ichimatsu, there has never been express confirmation or anything stated by those involved in the game on who exactly voiced him. While it is also believed that Choromatsu and Todomatsu share Hayashibara as an actress for the game, there has also been no official statement made as to if that is the case or if there is a different person involved. Similarly, there has been no statement as to who voiced Osomatsu.

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