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  • Expand on short pages - Create and improve episode plots, fix episode plot formatting (majorly on -san s1 episode pages).
  • Rewrite Character page Relationships. Describe the relationships more in depth, instead of just being a list of actions those characters did during times they were together.
  • Create more character pages and location pages - more information on the world.
  • Expand on galleries. - Include a caption if necessary - keep the galleries organised.
  • Remove Stub from long/descriptive articles.
  • Delete unneeded/unused categories.
  • Fix links and redirects.
  • Add links to dead-end pages.
  • Improve or fix english translations if they're inaccurate.
  • Cut down TOC in pages by making sections their own main page - Some pages have 50-70 headers - Try to make it easier for mobile users to navigate/search.
  • Search and improve information on Osomatsu-kun, older content is usually harder to find.
  • Create a community banner.
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